Homelessness hurts us all and our society is far stronger when everyone has a place within it. By using our insight and expertise and by amplifying our client’s voices, we will become a voice for change, particularly on matters that impact homelessness in London.  

We will listen carefully to our clients who will inform what we say and to whom about the issues they face. We will lead change where we can make the greatest impact and lend our voice to support other’s campaigns on significant sector issues. 

What we will do  

  • Learn from client experiences and work together to inform our service development and shape our influencing 
  • Bolster our resources on research, data and influencing to support our ambitions for change  
  • Work in partnership to shape healthcare and statutory services for people facing multiple disadvantage 
  • Work with professional bodies and organisations to improve housing in the private rented sector 
  • Build on the legacy of the Fulfilling Lives in Camden and Islington programme to share best practice and create system change for people who face multiple disadvantage

“The client feels empowered, valued, believed and is in the driving seat – and because of this, they have achieved some pretty positive outcomes!” ​Specialist woman’s organisation,Women at the Well,  Camden

Many of our clients report negative experiences of accessing services and attending meetings, often rooted in previous interpersonal trauma. We collaborated with Pause Islington to create Team Around Me (TAM) – a strengths and trauma informed model for multi-agency meetings. TAM meetings highlight the positive factors and achievements of clients, rather than focusing on deficits.

Find out more about TAM here.


Download our full strategy 2021-26 here


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