Our values inspire and challenge us as an organisation. They underpin the work and behaviour of everyone at Single Homeless Project, from how we work with clients and each other, to the decision making of the Board and the Executive Management Team. 

Clients hold the key 

As an organisation founded by people experiencing homelessness, we believe in the fundamental right of every individual to take control of their lives. Tailoring our support to their needs and aspirations, we work with people to build their capacity for self-determination so that they can shape their own futures. 

Going the extra mile 

We go the extra mile for the people we work with, many of whom have multiple and complex needs for which there are no quick and easy fixes. We keep working with people no matter how challenging it may be, and we don’t give up on them. 

People, not problems 

We see our clients as people, not problems. As well as offering practical support, we believe it’s essential to give people the opportunity to discover a sense of purpose, to grow in confidence, express themselves and build meaningful relationships. 

A voice for change 

We are committed to tackling the underlying causes of homelessness and social exclusion, and we will use what we learn to make the case for prevention and systemic change. We are also passionate about promoting the voices of people who have been forced into homelessness, whose stories often go unheard. 

Supporting staff 

We maintain an inclusive culture in which staff are respected, supported, and listened to. We value the contribution of all staff and volunteers and we are a diverse organisation that pulls together, in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation. We encourage creativity and new ideas, prizing innovation as a means of achieving our mission.  

Honest and open 

We are honest and open in our dealings with clients, staff and volunteers, partners, supporters and other stakeholders. We will do what we say we will do, and we will communicate proactively.