“At the beginning of my recovery journey, I remember wanting to talk to people who had been through what I was going through and had been successful in recovery. Maybe I didn't believe (or want to believe) it was possible!? They are the living proof that it can work and why Peer Mentors are so important.”

SHP's Peer Mentoring Programme aims to model visible recovery, with our Peers Mentors empowering our clients to take control of their recovery - and supporting them to make positive changes to transform their lives.

Our Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors are individuals who have lived experience of homelessness, substance use and recovery and/or mental health issues.

They are stable in their recovery and are motivated to use their experiences to support others through a similar journey, especially as they know how challenging it can be.

From accompanying clients to appointments and running peer recovery groups, to simply being a listening ear, our Mentors perform a number of vital roles throughout our services.

All our Peers Mentors receive training and ongoing support in their role to ensure they feel confident and capable to provide the best support possible. 

Across SHP Services

Peer Mentors play a key role across all SHP services but are an integral part of our Camden Recovery and Islington Aftercare services and Big Lottery-funded Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden (FLIC) service. Both of these services have particular Peer Mentoring models to place ensure their Peer Mentors are able to meet the specific needs of their clients. These are both accredited with the NCVO's Mentoring and Befriending Approved Provider Standard (APS). 

The Camden Recovery Service supports Camden and Islington residents who are in recovery from substance use issues. Peer Mentors bring their personal experience addiction into the service, using it to help others to build their recovery capital by sharing experiences, signposting, and inspiring clients by showing them 'recovery is possible'. Peers with the Camden Recovery Service provide one-to-one mentoring, co-facilitate group programmes and support people to link in with the recovery community in Camden and Islington.

Our FLIC service supports people facing multiple disadvantages relating to drug/alcohol use, homelessness, offending and mental ill-health. FLIC Peer Mentors are inspirational figures of recovery for clients. They help them to socialise and spend time in the community with them through activities like cinema outings, meals together and attending sessions! Peer Mentoring with FLIC lasts 12 months with each Mentor supported with a Personal Development Plan with the ultimate aim to help them to access employment.

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Peer Mentor Mission Statement

SHP’s Peer Mentor Programme puts people’s lived experiences at the heart of what we do.

Peer Mentors are proof that recovery is possible and use their experience to inspire others. Speaking to someone who offers mutual respect, encouragement and no judgement can be a vital step on the road to recovery

From running peer recovery groups, accompanying clients to appointments and simply being a listening ear, our Peer Mentors support the people we work with throughout their recovery journey.

Once, during my recovery, I went to a group session and a peer mentor was there. I remember thinking ‘wow’. He’s done it. Now I’m the Peer Mentor sitting in the group. Someone is looking at me thinking ‘I want to be there’.

We believe that our Peer Mentors are:

  • Inspiring
  • Passionate
  • Aspirational
  • Supportive