Historically, most of the services we provide to people experiencing homelessness in London have been funded through public expenditure. We know, through our many years of working with clients, that whilst these services are essential and address basic needs, they don’t always meet all the needs of our clients. Services are more effective if clients have been involved in their design. By using our expertise and taking a more client-informed approach, we can improve outcomes and break the cycle of homelessness.  

What we will do 

  • Actively engage our clients in identifying their needs and aspirations and work together to design services that better meet their needs 
  • Continue to identify gaps in publicly funded services for single homeless people, and secure funding to develop services  
  • Research and evaluate innovative approaches to support more single homeless people 
  • Focus on fundraising and develop strategic partnerships so we can develop services and expand pilot projects into London-wide programmes that we know address the unmet needs of our clients

I’m still at the start of my journey, but I feel my old confidence is back.

 Michael moved across the ocean to be with his wife but when things didn’t work out, he began suffering from depression. He returned to London and lived on his brother’s sofa, feeling the walls close in around him. 

We supported him to find himself again, tapping into his love of art, using it as therapy to work through the trauma he’d been through. He now has hopes of doing an exhibition of his work around the 70s and his childhood.  

Read Michael's story here.

Download our full strategy 2021-26 here


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