Underpinning our strategy are four substantial areas we will continue to invest in our people, our systems, our fundraising and our communications. 

Valuing our people 

Our culture remains true to our distinctive history and journey to date. We work in a psychologically informed way and are inclusive and supportive to enable everyone to contribute their best to a common vision and mission. We will continue to promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do and support people to learn and to work flexibly and collaboratively. We will invest in and enable our staff, volunteers and service delivery partners such as funders, contractors, corporate partners to go the extra mile so that we achieve the best outcomes for our clients. 

Effective and efficient systems  

We will ensure that our IT systems enhance the experience of staff and clients alike, that we create efficiencies in our financial processes, that our supporters have the best digital experience with us and that we embrace the positive changes in our ways of working developed during the pandemic. All of this will ensure that we deliver exceptional services to our clients, our staff are rewarded for their work and our supporters and partners are recognised for their contributions. 

Fundraising and support 

Fundraised income and external support for our work have significantly increased over the last four years. Our ambition is to continue this trend and ensure that our income from fundraising will help to deliver on this new strategy. 

We will grow both restricted and unrestricted charity income, increasing our support from the corporate sector, public fundraising and high-value donors. We will develop long-term partnerships with charitable Trusts and Foundations to ensure the continuous growth of our non-commissioned projects and programmes designed to address the unmet needs of our service users. 

Communications and relationships 

We will amplify our voice and that of our clients with the ambition to become a voice for change, grow our services, collaborate with others in the health, criminal justice system, homelessness and housing sectors and build strong relationships with our colleagues, supporters and clients. 


Download our full strategy 2021-26 here


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