Two thirds of homeless people cite drug or alcohol use as a reason for first becoming homeless, while people who use drugs are seven times more likely to be homeless than the general population. 

SHP’s services support people with substance use problems at every stage in their recovery journey, whether they are living in the community or in our hostels and supported housing.

Our specialist hostels provide people struggling with substance use with a stable environment in which we can work with them to access treatment and tackle the underlying issues that may be keeping them trapped in a cycle of addiction.

We also work with people in communities across London whose drinking or drug consumption may be causing problems, such as threatening their tenancy or causing ill health.

We put people at the heart of their own recovery, empowering them to make the changes they need to put drug or alcohol dependency behind them. Drawing on people’s strengths, we reframe situations positively, building on their own inner resources to aid recovery and help them set goals for the future.

The chance to talk to people who have first hand experience of recovering from substance use can be invaluable. Our Recovery Peers work to inspire others on their recovery journey, showing that recovery is possible.

Supporting people to use their time productively and therapeutically, to fill the vacuum left by drink or drugs, is another vital component. Our Opportunities programme opens doors for people in recovery to improve their wellbeing, leave old behaviours behind and move forward with their lives.


It started off as a relief from work. I went in blindly thinking that they’re not that strong, but things got ridiculous.

Jamie turned to new psychoactive substances during a stressful time in his life, but things spiraled out of control. With help from SHP, he turned his life around and changed his career.

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