“At the beginning of my recovery journey, I remember wanting to talk to people who had been through what I was going through and had been successful in recovery. Maybe I didn't believe (or want to believe) it was possible? They are the living proof that it can work and why Peer Mentors are so important.”

Starting out on a recovery journey can be daunting, but talking to and getting support from someone who has been there and done it can make a world of difference. That’s why we’re committed to placing people with direct personal experience of the issues that affect our clients at the heart of our services.

From accompanying clients to appointments and running peer recovery groups, to simply being a listening ear, peer volunteers perform a number of vital roles throughout our services. They also have a say in the way aspects of our services are delivered, and provide valuable insight into the needs of our clients.

Peer Mentors are an integral part of our Camden Recovery and Islington Aftercare services and Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden service. They are volunteers who have first-hand experience of substance use, mental ill health, complex needs and/or homelessness, who are stable in their recovery, and who want to support others to make positive changes in their lives. The presence of Peer Mentors in services and hostels helps to make recovery visible in the community. They are role models and an inspiration to others.

Becoming a Peer Mentor has given me a purpose and clear direction in life. I want to help someone else feel the same way.

Tony spent many years in full time employment as a functioning alcoholic. After completing a 6 month spell in rehab he was soon inspired to become a Peer Mentor, and now helps others realise that recovery is possible.

Read Tony's story.


Are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor? Get in touch with our Camden Recovery and Islington Aftercare services or get in touch with Elena in our Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden service.