We work with people with a wide range of mental health problems and support needs across all our services.

While our 'high support' services work intensively with people who have received a diagnosis of psychosis, schizophrenia or personality disorder, many other SHP services also work with people to improve their mental wellbeing as part of their recovery.

Whatever their level of need, we work with people to understand what their mental health means to them, what they feel led to them developing mental health problems, what makes it worse and what makes it better.

We help people to become independent in managing their medication and to advocate for the treatment they want, while supporting them to develop wellbeing plans so that they, their family, friends and colleagues can all play a role in managing their wellbeing.

We also prepare people for living independently, particularly if they have previously lost a tenancy because they’ve been detained in hospital.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we support people to build hope. Too often, people with mental health problems are led to feel that they have been written off – told that they will never work, live independently, or make anything of themselves. Our role is to support them to see that they can reach their goals.

All that I kept getting told was that I had a dual diagnosis. I didn’t even know what that meant. 

When Lisa was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, she was unable to get the help she needed because of her substance addiction. Being referred to SHP was a turning point. She is now volunteering, and has reconnected with her family. 

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