The single biggest step towards recovery is deciding to make a change.

We put people at the heart of their own recovery, empowering them to make the changes they need to put drug or alcohol dependency behind them.

We offer a range of support tailed to each individual, from practical help with GP appointments to liasing with other services on our clients' behalf or providing opportunities to talk to those with similar experiences.

Our approach draws on people’s strengths. We reframe situations positively, assessing and building on individuals' own resources and using them to aid recovery and help them set goals for the future.

Recovery Peers and Peer Support

Many drug and alcohol users are motivated to start their recovery journey by hearing and learning from others who have experienced addiction themselves.

Talking to people who understand the situation and allowing them to offer support can be invaluable. Our Peer Mentors exist to inspire others on their recovery journey, showing that recovery is possible and promoting a life free from addiction.

Now I’m chemical free and I’m able to sit with myself and absorb life for what it is.

After suffering addiction for years, Kevin came to our Islington Aftercare service to access education, training and employment support after he finished a detox. His work as a Peer Mentor helped his own recovery, and set him on the path to a full time job.


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