Everyone has the right to a safe and stable home. The conditions that the pandemic created and the response we saw from the Government, charities and organisations put a spotlight on what can be done, when the will is there, to dramatically reduce the number of people forced to sleep rough on our city’s streets. In partnership with commissioners and policymakers, we will work hard to make the most of these fundamental changes in approach and ensure everyone on our streets gets the support they need, and in the way that they need it to move away from rough sleeping. 

As a charity focussing on single people experiencing homelessness, we know that many of our clients face great health inequalities, living for years with untreated chronic, long-term conditions. By placing health at the centre of our offer in hostels and shelters and supporting fair access to healthcare, we hope to reduce the appalling health inequalities faced by our clients. 

What we will do 

  • Expand the housing options for rough sleepers, reducing street numbers and returns to the street  
  • Focus on health in our hostels and shelters, deploying Specialist Health Leads and provide hospital discharge support and designated beds, reducing preventable deaths and unnecessarily prolonged ill-health 
  • Increase our specialist support for women who experience multiple disadvantage 
  • Identify solutions for people with chronic health problems requiring long-term housing with care

Being in the hotel has given me time to invest in myself, which I’ve never done before. I want to be able to build myself up enough to join the workforce again.

Jay, 50, moved into our hotel-based accommodation in Camden in May 2020. He had been working in social care but struggled with his mental health and didn’t get the support he needed. Struggling under the pressure, he lost his job and couldn’t pay his rent. As the COVID 19 lockdown began, he saw no choice but to live on the streets of London’s Soho.  

With our help, Jay has opened up more options and is looking forward to joining the workforce again. 

Read Jay's story here.


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