Many of the young people we work with have not had the best start in life. Some have experienced family breakdown, abuse or domestic violence, and may not have had positive relationships or role models. Many are leaving care. 

Providing a mix of community-based and accommodation-based support, we work with young people to overcome these challenges, helping them to build the skills they need to move forward with their lives.

A sense of 'home'

We have 70 accommodation bed spaces for young people and in 2016-17 we supported 359 young people who were either homeless or leaving care.

We provide a safe and secure environment - a sense of ‘home’ - to bring stability to our clients’ lives. To promote independent living, we also equip people with key life skills, from how to budget and cook to managing bills and tenancies.

Just as important is supporting young people to widen their horizons. Around half of young homeless people are not in education, employment or training (NEET) at the point when they become homeless. Drama classes, music workshops, art groups and day trips all help build confidence and skills, which in turn can open the door to college courses, apprenticeships and qualifications.

Our services

Our services include two Young People’s Assessment Centres in Lewisham which provide supported accommodation to homeless young people for up to 30 days. We provide critical intervention at a time of need, and work out the next safe steps to take.

Our Camden Young People's Services provide longer term support through a mix of hostels, supported houses and flats.

We also work in partnership with Islington Council to support vulnerable young people both in supported accommodation and in the community, providing a mix of benefits advice, tenancy rescue, education, training and employment, and basic living skills.