Jay, 50, moved into our hotel-based accommodation in Camden in May 2020. He had been working in social care but after struggling with his mental health, he lost his job and was unable to pay his rent. As the COVID 19 lockdown began he found himself living on the streets. 

When shops started to close, I gravitated towards Soho as that was the only place to find food. I slept on the streets, mostly in Lincoln Inn Fields. I was found by Routes off the Streetswent through an assessment and a few days later, I was at the hotel. After months on the street, having access to a warm shower and toilet gave me back a sense of dignity. 

The hotel has been brilliant for my progress. Within a couple of days here, I’d been diagnosed with a blood clot in my arm and was given medication. I’ve had dental treatment. I’ve had video calls with a psychologist to help develop strategies to help my mental health, and even had exercise therapy. The set up here works. If you need anything, it’s all here and available for you, which makes recovery so much easier. I’m really glad that I came here. 

I’m hoping to get back into employment next year. Being in the hotel has given me time to invest in myselfwhich I’ve never done before. I’m hoping to be able to build myself up enough to join the workforce again.