Although rough sleeping is the most visible form of homelessness, far more people experience ‘hidden homelessness'. Pushed to the brink, these are people sleeping on the sofas of family and friends, living in cars and squats or other temporary accommodation with no stability or security. There are also significant numbers of people who have their own accommodation but are at risk of homelessness. 

By developing the right services and intervening at an early stage, we can give people the support they need to relieve the pressure in their lives, get the help they deserve and prevent homelessness.

What we will do  

  • Expand the Single Homeless Prevention Service to more London Boroughs 
  • Work with commissioners of preventative services, ensuring they target those most at risk of imminent homelessness 
  • Complete and publish research on hidden homelessness amongst women and take forward recommendations 
  • Develop innovative and targeted approaches to reaching our clients that build on our successes during the pandemic

Today I’m coping so much better. I’m managing my finances and I feel a lot more confident in myself.

Scott, 49 lives in Lambeth. Whilst growing up, he left school early to care for his father who had dementia and never got any qualifications. As an adult, he faced more trauma. He kept his feelings all bottled up and with no support, he was heavily in debt and facing eviction. Under this constant pressure, he felt the walls closing in. Our welfare systems should have been there for him. 

We supported him to put his life back together, helping him maintain his tenancy and prevent him from being forced into homelessness.

Read Scott's story here.


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