As well as teaching skills and encouraging self-expression, we use arts to support clients’ wider psychological and emotional needs. Arthouse, our arts and wellbeing programme, is designed to help clients form relationships, learn to work as part of a team, and develop a sense of meaning and purpose.

The programme provides more than 350 workshops every year, each designed specifically for SHP clients and available free to anyone who accesses our services.  The workshops, many of which are taught in six week courses, are run by qualified artists and teachers and give all clients the chance to learn, express themselves, build relationships and improve their wellbeing in a therapeutic and convivial atmosphere.

From yoga and meditation to life drawing, sculpture and creative writing; from film festivals and museum visits to residential trips, there is something for everyone.

All our workshops are psychologically informed with a focus on key areas, including: 

  • Helping people make friends and grow positive social networks

  • Building a sense of achievement and accomplishment by helping clients create something they are proud of

  • Encouraging people to lead, support others or volunteer - to encourage a sense of autonomy, help people develop work based skills and and find new ways to share and give.

  • Allowing time and space for people to reflect on thoughts and feelings while cultivating enjoyment of the present and a sense of gratitude for the good parts of life

  • Developing an increased sense of purpose and ideally, a renewed sense of self.

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles including the importance of sleep, exercise and good nutrition.      

Clients have told us that that they feel more motivated, have an improved quality of life, and are emotionally stronger due to our arts programme.  For some, art has acted as a major catalyst in their recovery.

It opened so many doors for me. I’ve always been creative, and SHP helped me to turn this into a business.

Elaine has gone from living on the streets, to exhibiting her work at New York Fashion Week thanks to a helping hand from SHP's Opportunities Programme. 



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