Single Homeless Project is partnering with best-selling, international artist Heath Kane to launch his newest collection, Richer Than Batman. 

The exhibition, which opens today at the Electric Gallery in London, focuses on the growing chasm between rich and poor – a conversation directly relevant to homelessness in our city. The exhibition runs until Friday 13 November. 

As part of the partnership, a percentage of each sale will be donated to our work, helping Londoners experiencing homelessness.  

With rising homelessness in the capital - and fears of a ‘perfect storm’ as pandemic protections end - the money raised will be vital in helping us to give Londoners facing homelessness the opportunities and support they need to get back on their feet and leave homelessness behind. Last year, we made a difference to more than 10,000 Londoners. 

Heath will also collaborate with our in-house art programme, Arthouse, working with our clients to build on their passion and skills in art and support our work in helping them to build careers in the creative industries. 

Richer than Batman Collection 

Heath’s new body of work focuses on the disparity of wealth in the world – a situation that has only got worse during the pandemic. 

Keen to re-awaken the conversation on this growing gap between rich and poor, Heath asked members of the public (and a few recognisable personalities) one simple question; if you were 400 times richer, what would you do, and how would it make you feel? 

Richer Than Batman visualises these responses with 30 new pieces, including collaborations with eight other artists. A natural storyteller, Heath has a strong history of social themes in his art, creating iconic and straightforward pieces responding to what he sees happening in the world. 

Speaking about the partnership, Heath said: “When I launched my Richer Than Batman collection, it was important to me to partner with a charity to drive home the issue of social contribution and giving back. Homelessness is the starkest example of the wealth gap in our society, so I wanted to raise awareness and do my bit to help. 

 “Single Homeless Project is the perfect fit - given their work supports Londoners, not only in preventing homelessness but also giving their residents the opportunity to build a positive future.” 

Heath Kane working directly with Londoners experiencing homelessness 

Single Homeless Project clients will attend a personal viewing and talk at the exhibition with Heath later this month. He will also work with our clients directly at art workshops including plans to collaborate at our print-screening at our own art studio. 

Meghan O’Malley, Creative Arts Programme Manager for Single Homeless Project, said, “We use art to give Londoners experiencing homelessness space to express themselves, build relationships, confidence and learn new skills with professional artists to build a career in the creative industries.  

“Heath is an incredible, pioneering artist whose work will resonate with our clients, and we’re thrilled to have him on board to expand our arts offer further.” 

Heath said: “I’m really looking forward to working with the Arthouse programme - hopefully, I can pass on some of my knowledge and experience to help and inspire clients of Single Homeless Project.” 

“I’m excited to work together to create some real change.” 

Heath’s new collection Richer Than Batman will be displayed at the Electric Galley until 13th November. You can find out more here. 

Find out more about our Arthouse Project.