A nourishing and communal approach to gardening and all aspects of eco-therapy, including active engagement in the use of public green space, specialist garden and farm visits and camping.  

GreenHouse works and develops Single Homeless Project’s allotments and project gardens, creating therapeutic and meaningful social environments for people to enjoy on their own and come together. The gardens provide the means and opportunity for improved nutrition, with micro farms established in many spaces and facilitated cooking sessions to help people prepare and enjoy their produce.  

In addition to valuable and accessible life skills, learning gardening gives people a good physical and emotional work out. People gain a real sense of connectedness from their work with GreenHouse, both socially and with the natural world, with an appreciation of change, growth and of exploring new space. GreenHouse has also established areas of wild meadow in-house and set up night cameras to capture the local fauna.  

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Since I started tending to these allotments my depression has vanished. I don’t feel sad or suicidal anymore.

Living in a rented flat in Redbridge, Shobha didn't have access to a garden. She lost her job, and became depressed and suicidal. Shobha credits joining SHP's GreenHouse project with saving her life.