Victor has used the support of Single Homeless Project to help him build a career in personal training and bodybuilding. With this help, he's proved that your past doesn't define you.

“Be the kind of person you needed when you needed someone the most.” 

It’s a mantra that Victor and his Achieving Potential support worker Sybil live by. And as they sit together, it’s clear how aligned the two are. They agree that having someone there to fight your corner can make all the difference. 

Victor explains: “When I was a teenager, I didn’t have anyone to lead me down the right path. I thought I only had one direction ahead of me – gang life. I don't want that to happen to others.” 

After nine years in prison, Victor came out determined to make something of himself. He studied in prison and planned out his future. 

“While I was away, I became interested in fitness and did some PT qualifications. I knew I wanted to learn more to help me on release. Numbers are universal so I did an accountancy degree, knowing that it would help with any business ideas I had. I read and read.

“After studying and learning so much I knew the theory, but I needed a push to help put it all into practice. Sybil was right there to help me. Her support has been so valuable.” 

With Sybil behind him, Victor has entered the world of bodybuilding, coming second in his first competition. Now he’s hungry for more. 

“I won’t lie and say it’s easy. You need to dedicate yourself to working out and eating in a specific way and if you’re not consistent, it’s not going to happen. Sometimes I doubt myself but with the right support those negative feelings don’t last long. 

“As well as competing, I’m building up my brand and services as a PT; It’s a lot of work but it’s my goal and I’m going to do whatever it takes to reach it.” 

Despite his hectic schedule, Victor is still eager to support others. 

“I know the importance of having someone there from experience. It can be the difference between making a good and bad decision with life-changing consequences. I’m determined to be there for my younger brothers but also anyone that needs a leg-up. We all deserve that.”