Kamil, 26, dreams of becoming an electrician and living in his hometown where he can be near to his family and friends. But Kamil has been stuck in temporary housing in North London for six months. He is unable to move on with his life because the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) isn’t enough for him to afford the rent in even the most basic of places.

The LHA determines the amount of your rent that can be covered by benefits. The current level has been frozen at 2019-20 levels, despite London’s skyrocketing rent costs. It is now a leading cause of homelessness in London, with research showing that only 2% of properties in London fall within the current cap. Kamil is just one of many Londoners trapped in this situation and he is joining us in calling on the Government to increase the LHA now, not wait until April 2024. 

“When I had to leave my Auntie’s home last summer, I didn’t have anywhere to go. To keep myself safe, I found a service station and slept in my car for a while. I tried to get help at the local council, but they really let me down. It was a security guard who actually recommended I contact StreetLink. I got in touch with them and was referred to Single Homeless Project. They’re working really hard to help me and are a great support, but I’m afraid of being stuck here for another five months until the LHA rate is increased.”

“I want to put that experience behind me and get on with my life now. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I’m ambitious and I want to prove myself and train for my future career as an electrician. I can stand on my own two feet, but just like anyone else, it’s important that I have my local support network that I know I can rely on. I’m asking the Government to increase the LHA rate now so I can start 2024 with a fair chance at making the most of life’s opportunities.”