Stable employment is an effective, long-term solution to ending homelessness. By partnering with us, you’ll play your part and your business will benefit at the same time. 

What our clients say


"This support and funding has helped me immensely! Having the opportunity to access funding for my career is great for people in my position. I have been able to purchase lots of things I wouldn’t have been able to before. Thank you."

Chris came to Single Homeless Project after a long period of homelessness. We helped to fund, access and complete a six-week SIA training course so he could achieve his goal of working in security. 

We also helped him with his CV, career advice and get prepped for interviews with new clothing and travel money. After two interviews Chris was successful and now works as a security guard.


“I had been struggling to cope with the pandemic and life after prison. I have four children and, under constant pressure, things had been very difficult mentally for me since my release.  

“Single Homeless Project has been my support. My keyworker has been amazing in helping me find jobs to apply for and paying for my travel to interview - I'm so happy to have secured a position as a nail technician now!” 


"I felt so lost when I arrived and my head was not in a good place. Having a job was the last thing on my mind, but look at me now"

When Simon was 21, he was forced out of his family home, sleeping on our city’s streets. 

We helped him find stability, improve his mental health and open up more options and opportunities. He took part in our Achieving Potential Employment Academy which helped him get ready for work and turn his passion for sports into a career. Read his full story here.


After nearly twenty years of rough sleeping, we were able to help Pat through his recovery, rebuild his confidence and help him to retrain as a bus driver!

In just one year, he attracted 66 commendations from passengers whilst driving the number 26, dubbed London's happiest bus driver - and has gone from strength to strength ever since! Pat's story even featured in multiple national newspapers as well BBC London News & ITV News.

What our employer partners say

"I'm really excited to be working with Single Homeless Project. From the moment I was introduced to them, they got to know our needs and communicated everything clearly. They offer the right level of support for us to employ their clients. I'm confident they'll go on to introduce us to some amazing future Tortilla crew members!"

Tiph Deson, Tortilla 

"My company was so happy with the provision of staff from Single Homeless Project. The candidate provided showed dedicated enthusiasm in everything she did. I would happily use Single Homeless Project candidates again."   

Jodie, Gee Whizz Cleaning

It was obvious from the beginning that Patrick’s enthusiasm for the role and his customer service were exemplary – actively greeting passengers and making everyone feel welcome. We are very proud of him; he is a great colleague to have and a real asset to any operator.

Lawrence Wilson, director for London at HCT Group 

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