Recruiting the people we support is a win-win for all. Not only will you work with enthusiastic and skilled candidates, you will also change lives.

1. Our clients want it more
For our candidates, a new job is more than a source of income. It’s the chance for a new life and a way to leave homelessness behind for good. You won’t find a more motivated group. 

2. We're free
We work hard to support our clients into independence. Finding roles to help them achieve this is reward enough. Our service is free. No hidden costs, we've got it covered. 

3. You’ll help end homelessness
We should all do our bit to end homelessness. Stable employment is an effective, long-term solution. By partnering with us, you’ll play your part and your business will benefit at the same time. 

4. Free training
We offer training and support to both our candidates and the companies we partner with. Our workshops include:

  • Supporting the positive mental health of employees 
  • Challenging misconceptions around people who have faced homelessness
  • Managing staff with mental or physical health needs 
  • Getting the best from employees in recovery

5. We're for the long term
Supporting our clients doesn’t stop on the first day of their new job. We stay in touch and offer continued help and advice to our clients and the companies we work with. That’s why last year, over 75% of our clients entering a new job remained in work for the contract length or over six months.