Our Sport Project is a recognised and evidenced model of good practice for the benefits of physical activity in improving peoples’ physical and mental health, social relationships and overall quality of life.

In making activity accessible, the project has debunked the myth that people experiencing homelessness aren’t interested in or can’t do sport, or that people don’t care about the state of their own health.  

The team has established in-house gyms at our services, provides accessible aerobics and yoga sessions, bicycle maintenance and ride-out clubs, boxing, football, fishing and table tennis sessions. Our Sports Day event has been running for the last three years with our event in 2021 being the largest to date with over 150 participants from across London.

The project is an active organisational lead on health, has established a valued data set in furthering understanding of unmet health needs in homelessness, and has made a strong case for the role of physical activity as a core part of future progressive homelessness provision. Valuable funding, support and continued collaboration come from the National Lottery Sport England, London Housing Foundation and KKR.

Before the sports sessions, I’d just be sat at home doing nothing. They make me feel better – if a bit achy! I’m getting out of the house and meeting friends. I’m eating better, losing weight and I feel more confident about myself.
- Annie