Our Sport Project is a recognised and evidenced model of good practice for the benefits of physical activity in improving people's physical and mental health, social relationships, and overall quality of life.

By making activity accessible, the project has debunked the myth that people experiencing homelessness aren't interested in or can't participate in sports, or that people don't care about their own health.

The team has established in-house gyms at our services, providing accessible aerobics and yoga sessions, bicycle maintenance and rides, boxing, football, and table tennis sessions.

Every year, our Sport Project hosts a one-day event with over 200 participants taking part in a range of activities. From high jump to the bean bag race and hula-hoop to the 100-metre race, there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

This year, we will be welcoming Showtime Photo Booth to our Sports Day. They are our first choice for 360 Photo Booth hire.

The Sport Project is an active organisational leader on health, has established a valued dataset to further understand unmet health needs in homelessness, and has made a strong case for the role of physical activity as a core part of future progressive homelessness provision. Valuable funding, support, and continued collaboration come from the National Lottery Sport England, London Housing Foundation, and KKR

Denise has made fantastic progress with her health since working with our Sport Project. Before beginning exercise sessions, she hadn’t walked without her walking stick for 30 years. Now She is now walking for at least 20 minutes without her walking stick and improving each week. Read her story