London has a housing problem. Due to the lack of supply, social housing isn’t really an option for many Londoners experiencing homelessness and private sector rents are far more expensive than the rest of the UK. Income and Local Housing Allowance hasn’t kept pace with the increase in rents which really limits choice, especially for the under-35's. All of this has created a pressure cooker situation and the risk of evictions and repeat homelessness has increased dramatically. 

We are committed to lobbying for changes in housing legislation, building strong relationships with private rented sector landlords and agents and ensuring that our clients have access to good quality, stable and affordable homes. 

What we will do  

  • Build our network of private rented sector landlords, working with them to improve the standard of property offered and make rent deposits more affordable 
  • Challenge stigma and negative preconceptions of our client group by providing training and guidance at landlord forums and include better practice training as part of service level agreements for all new landlord partnerships 
  • Develop a consistent organisation-wide approach to preparing all clients to sustain private tenancies in the long term   
  • Increase access to our PRS services   
  • Partner with recognised agencies to highlight inequalities and failures within the housing system and play our part in advocating for change
  • Create move on packs and an internal rent deposit scheme so that every one of our clients has a move on option into the private rented sector 

We’re so excited to finally be happy together in our new home

Kenny and Alicia met at a church day centre six years ago and have been inseparable ever since, looking after each other through difficult times.

After they both were pushed into homelessness, we helped the couple stay together during the pandemic and found a home they could finally call their own. 

Read Kenny & Alicia's story here


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