Many of our clients want to work and getting a job can be a crucial step in leaving homelessness behind for good. The rate of unemployment in London has historically been higher than in the rest of the country and has risen throughout the pandemic, widening our city’s economic and social inequalities. There has been a substantial fall in the type of job opportunities many of our clients were accessing pre-pandemic and we face a long period of uncertainty in the employment market.  

Although the landscape remains unclear, we are committed to ensuring every one of our clients is offered support with their career goals and to find employment in their chosen field. Everyone deserves that chance. 

What we will do 

  • Through our Achieving Potential service, we will provide routes into sustainable employment for our clients, including extra support for those who require a career change due to the pandemic and those with No Recourse to Public Funds 
  • Roll out our in-house employability skills programme, expanding our specialist support for clients with ongoing needs 
  • Build on our employer engagement activities to ensure we remain relevant and responsive as the UK economy recovers, tackle misperceptions and increase awareness of the skills, strengths and potential of our clients 
  • Expand our Peer Mentor programme so that our clients can benefit from the mutual respect, encouragement and judgement-free support that someone with shared experiences can give. 
  • Increase opportunities for clients to get jobs within Single Homeless Project

I felt so lost when I arrived and my head was not in a good place. Having a job was the last thing on my mind, but look at me now

When Simon was 21, he was forced out of his family home. With nowhere to go and his mental health at an all-time low, he had no option but to sleep on our city’s streets. Eventually, he found a place in a night shelter and then came to our accommodation in Lewisham. 

We helped him to improve his mental health and open up more options. He took part in our Achieving Potential programme which helped him turn his passion for sports into a career. 

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