Christopher ran a successful business importing fresh fish and meat to supply hotels and restaurants. But when the pandemic hit, his work dried up, his marriage broke down and he became homeless. After 75 days of living in his car in increasingly cold weather, he came to Single Homeless Project. Now Christopher is living in his own home and on the up, looking for his next career. 

“I think what’s most misunderstood about rough sleeping is that person’s pain and soul. People are misjudged for being an alcoholic or worse. They don’t see the struggles they’re facing. We all make mistakes and sometimes things just go wrong in life.”

Christopher sofa surfed for a while and then lived in his car, choosing to park near his old house in Camden for some sense of place and homeliness. He applied for help from the council but didn’t hear back and just didn’t know where to turn.

Living in your car can be dangerous, especially at night, and when you’re just surviving from one day to the next, it can really affect your mental health. Christopher contacted Streetlink after a tip-off from a friend and eventually he came to Single Homeless Project.

“The best feeling when I came to Single Homeless Project was having that first shower. It immediately put me into a positive frame of mind. Some days, I’d even have three showers. That feeling of being fresh and ready for the next thing is very motivating and such a good feeling.”

Our expert teams helped Christopher access the benefits he was entitled to and into his own rented property to call home. Despite his experiences, Christopher is positive about getting back into work. “I don’t feel my age. I want to start working again. I have so much more to give.”

Homelessness is an experience, not a forever – and with the right support, it can be ended.