“Motivated, strong, committed” are the three words used to describe Charlotte by her support worker Jay. The pair have worked together for the last three years.

“When I look at how far she’s come, I’m so proud. I’m beaming.” 

When Charlotte met Jay, she was battling a crisis in every direction, and with no support, she felt like she was drowning. She explains:

“Every part of my life was falling apart. I was trapped in an abusive relationship but I didn’t have anywhere to escape to, especially as I needed a roof over my head for my two sons. I was in arrears, my mental health plummeted and I was stuck in a hole I couldn’t get out of.” 

When she came to Single Homeless Project and was put in touch with Jay, he helped her to take a step back and deal with one issue at a time. 

“The most important thing was having a roof over my head so Jay helped me focus on that first. I had to be somewhere safe and secure. I started getting support for my son who had witnessed the abuse. Now I’m working on my employment. I love fitness so I’m training to be a PT. 

What a journey it’s been. Things are looking very different for me now.

Charlotte is busier than ever. Alongside her own recovery journey, she runs a women and family support group. She also wants to get others in her area of North London easy access to fitness sessions. 

“I just want to help people. It really gives me purpose. When I first came to Jay, I could see that he had experienced similar things to me and that helped me know that I too could get better. Now I want to do the same for others. 

“What a journey it’s been. Things are looking very different for me now. To be in a position to help others when before I couldn’t help myself – it’s such a great feeling. I’m taking so many positive steps. Jay can’t keep up!” 

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