“It’s good, it’s good, it’s good and then it’s not. You don’t see it coming.” 

When Ahmed became homeless, it happened very quickly. It was never something he thought he’d go through. His experiences highlight how precarious housing stability can be. 

"My relationship ended suddenly, and I was kicked out the family home. For a while I stayed in a sublet with a friend but when the original tenant came back, I had to leave and moved into a private hostel. 

“It was an attack that pushed me onto the streets. One terrible incident in Leicester square where I was robbed by a group of men. 

“After the attack I couldn’t work my Deliveroo driver job because my back was injured. I ran out of money and had no other choice than to sleep rough in a park.

After four nights on the street in Kings Cross, Ahmed was picked up by an Outreach team and came to a Single Homeless Project service in Camden.  

“Since I have come here, I have been given a stable place to live and support to help me get back to work. With the help of my support worker Sam, I’ve been able to get my right to work in the UK card and I’m working to get my ECS card which will help me get work as an electrician, my original trade. 

“I hope to move to my own place and get a stable job soon. I have been able to pick up short electrician contracts while I’ve been with Single Homeless Project. It’s only a matter of time before something long-term comes along. 

“You never think you’ll become homeless. It’s good, it’s good it’s good and then it’s not. You don’t see it coming. I want a better future for myself, a family and a stable home. Single Homeless Project is helping me get there.”