Stacie's story

Stacie lived with her grandmother from a young age, so it was a big shock when she passed away. After suffering mental health issues and becoming homeless, our supported housing service helped her to find her feet.Read more

Rashna's story

"My partner is Christian, and I am Muslim – so we had a lot of problems. We were not allowed to marry, and couldn’t stay in Syria. It was too dangerous for us."Read more

Shobha's story

"Since I started tending these allotments my depression has vanished...the senses that I thought had died have been revived."Read more

Lisa's story

"If you’re dual diagnosis no one takes you in; the mental health services say the problem is addiction, the addiction services say you need to fix your mental health."Read more

Elaine's story

"Finding out about my learning disabilities was liberating because it explained so much. After my diagnosis, I understood myself for the first time."Read more

Jamie's story

"I felt like I was too old to change direction. I’ve always had a confidence in the kitchen that I didn’t have in other areas of my life."Read more

Tony's story

"I am proud of what I have achieved and I am confident my future is bright. I want to help someone else feel the same way."Read more

Junior's story

"Even though I came out with some education, I don’t believe prison is the place for any human being."Read more

Bee's story

“When I walked through SHP’s door, my life changed.”Read more

Kevin's story

"Now I’m chemical free I’m able to sit with myself and absorb life for what it is."Read more