At Single Homeless Project, we recognise that there are strong links between homelessness and domestic abuse, especially for women, and we are committed to working with partners to make sure survivors of domestic abuse receive the right response and support every time. 

However, we also need to consider how we respond to perpetrators of domestic abuse who use our services and how we can accommodate and support them safely. If perpetrators of domestic abuse do not get their housing and support needs met, it is highly improbable that they will change their behaviour. To hear more about this and how it impacts survivors, watch our short film here.

Over the past year, we've been delighted to be part of a task and finish group led by Standing Together to create guidance for supported housing/Housing First providers and commissioners on best practice when housing and supporting perpetrators of domestic abuse. 

You can watch the launch webinar for advice, which includes SHP's Head of Multiple Disadvantage, Lucy Campbell, talking about a couple's pilot that Single Homeless Project were involved in, click here


Read the guidance for service providers here

Read the guidance for commissioners here

Read the write up of the couple's pilot work here