For many homeless and vulnerable people, Christmas can be one of the loneliest and most difficult times of the year.

For some, the prospect of waking up in a hostel on Christmas morning, without family, friends or loved ones, can mean the festive season is something to be endured, rather than enjoyed. 

This year 438 people will spend Christmas in one of our homeless hostels. You and your colleagues can help us Make it Christmas for every one of them.

By providing gifts, Christmas dinners and parties, we want to bring some seasonal cheer and companionship to our clients’ lives at this critical time of the year.  Together we can make sure that no one in our hostels has to spend Christmas feeling alone.

To succeed, we’ll need to collect 438 Christmas gifts so that each one of our hostel residents has a gift to open on Christmas morning.

Even a small present or a festive message of hope can make a huge difference to someone. This is an opportunity to bring a personal touch to your business’ support for homeless and vulnerable people – we’ll make sure that the gifts you choose go directly to the people who need them most.

Can your company help us transform lives this Christmas? Get in touch with our fundraising team today. 


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