When the weather’s scorching, we stay indoors and cool off in the shade. But what happens if you can’t do that? This is the devastating reality for Londoners who rough sleep on our city streets. They’re at risk of sunburn, dehydration, sunstroke and more. 

No one should live like this. We all have a part to play in stopping it. 

So how can you help? 

1. Check in 

Living on the streets can be a lonely and isolating experience. Saying hello and stopping for a chat can make all the difference. When temperatures soar, take some time out to check that someone rough sleeping is okay. 

2. Offer water, an umbrella and sunscreen

Water will prevent dehydration and an umbrella can provide shade when there is none available nearby. Sunscreen will help stop sunburn.  

3. Help them find shade

When the sun’s beating down, finding shade is important to keep safe. Help someone on the streets by identifying shady areas nearby and helping them reach them. 

4. Contact Streetlink 

Everyone sleeping rough deserves support. You can help by contacting Streetlink, which will connect them with local outreach teams.

You can do this via the StreetLink app, call 0300 500 0914, or visit its website. The process is very simple. You provide a few details including location and Streetlink will do the rest. 

5. Call 999 

If someone looks like they need immediate help, call 999. Heat and direct sunlight are dangerous and people can fall ill quickly.