Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden

Fulfilling Lives in Islington & Camden (FLIC) has now closed its doors. However, all of our news, learnings and reports can be found here, and our clients' voices and films can be found here.

FLIC was an eight-year Lottery funded learning programme, designed to support people experiencing multiple disadvantage and affect system change to improve the experience and outcomes for people accessing services.

Too often the voices of people experiencing multiple disadvantage aren't heard. Putting clients at the centre of everything we do was key to our work. Our support service was intensive, trauma-informed and led by the experiences and insights of our clients.

We worked in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies across both boroughs to improve services for people with multiple needs and drive systemic change, influencing how services are designed and delivered.

If you have any questions, please email Lucy Campbell ([email protected]), SHP's head of Multiple Disadvantage Transformation.

Too often the voices of people experiencing multiple disadvantage aren't heard. Assumptions are made as to their needs, wants and wishes. Systems that aren't informed by lived experience can be rigid and people facing multiple disadvantage can fall through the gaps. It's our aim to make sure these voices are heard, listened to and their stories and experiences valued and reflected on. 

What are our objectives? 

  • Create opportunities for people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage to play an active role in shaping service design, delivery and commissioning across Camden and Islington.  
  • Bridge the gap between people with decision making responsibilities and people affected by these decisions, ensuring that the expertise of people with lived experience is valued 
  • Ensure co-production is more than just a collection of feedback. Developing meaningful opportunities for people with lived experience to gain skills and experience in commissioning, service design, creating and delivering training.

Co-production is about doing things together, not just talking about things together

Quote by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

How do we do it?  

We have set up a Lived Experience Advisory Group, which brings together people who have lived experience of homelessness, mental ill health, substance use issues and the criminal justice system. We work alongside people not just at FLIC, but within SHP and those who access our partner services including CGL and WiSER.  

We believe it is important to be flexible so that everyone can contribute and work alongside us in whatever way is suitable for them. Our core lived experience group meets weekly and acts as a regular open space for discussions and a place to develop skills. Members have received training on public speaking, communications and systems change. For those who can commit more time, we will be creating Project Lead roles where people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage can focus on a key area of FLIC’s strategic work, including: 

  • Commissioning  
  • Learning and Development  
  • Mental Health (Trauma-Informed Network)  
  • Campaigns  

Our members have influenced commissioning within Camden’s Adult Housing Pathway, shaped our understandings of trauma-informed support, co-delivered our campaign for Multiple Disadvantage Day July 2021 and co-produced an action experiment addressing barriers to accessing mental health support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage.  

FLIC has also collaborated with Camden Council’s Participation Team to set up a Camden Co-Production Network. This is a bi-monthly space for people and organisations in Camden interested in working co-productively, where members can share ideas, approaches and learn new tools and techniques to change our ways of working. 

Keen to hear more? Want to find out how to be involved? We’d love to hear from you! Send an email to our Co-Production Lead Bex – [email protected].