The winter weather is the best time to start training for a half marathon!  It can be a big step, but with training, dedication and an electric race day atmosphere, you can smash it!
We've researched the best half marathons in London, a city which benefits from being very flat, full of history, beautiful parks and vibrant culture.
But the best way to stay motivated during your training is to run for a cause. We'll give you guaranteed entry into London's best half Marathons when you pledge to raise money to end homelessness in London. 
Better yet, for every pound you raise 90p will go direct to the frontline. 

Hackney Half Marathon

A friendly, flat and fast course that runs through the heart of east London, the Hackney Half is one of the fastest growing half marathons in the UK. Starting and finishing at Hackney Marshes the closed-roads course will once again pass by some of Hackney’s best kept parks and key landmarks, including Broadway Market, Hackney Empire and the London Stadium.

There's no need for headphones at this half marathon event. Live entertainment and DJs will keep you motivated all along the route.

Key details:

When is the Hackney Half Marathon? Sunday 21st May 2023

Registration Fee: £10

Fundraising target£250

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The usual Hackney Half Route

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The Big Half 

A unique half marathon through the heart of London. The Big Half includes iconic landmarks, starting at Tower Bridge run along the river to Canary Wharf and finish by at the historic Cutty Sark in Greenwich. Alongside almost 13,000 runners of all ages, background and abilities you'll also be able to enjoy the free Vitality big half Festival with live music, street food and goodie bags!

When is the Big Half?  Sunday 3rd September

Registration Fee: £1

Fundraising target: £200

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The Big Half Route in 2023

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Royal Parks Half Marathon

This scenic run is great for first time runners and is one of the most popular half marathons in London. It’s a fun, challenging event that takes in London’s most iconic locations on a route that winds through the city’s most stunning green spaces: Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and Kensington Gardens. 

There is a free public ballot for the 2023 event which usually opens in 2023. Although the ballot is free to enter you can opt to pay the £59 entry fee to secure a place. If you are unlucky in both ballots, your entry fee is donated to the Royal Parks Charity which looks after London's eight Royal Parks.

When is the Royal Parks Half Marathon? Sunday 8 October 2023

Registration Fee: £1

Fundraising target: £329

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The Royal Parks Half Route in 2023

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Our five top tips for your half marathon:

  1. Running for a cause is one of the best ways to stay motivated with your half marathon training. Why not run for Single Homeless Project and help end homelessness in London
  2. It is okay to walk in a half marathon, just make sure you know if there is a time limit for completion when choosing your event. For most, they allow for around six hours.
  3. How long should you train for a half marathon? The average newbie runner needs about 12 weeks to train for a half marathon. When you sign up to run for Single Homeless Project we can out together a training plan just for you
  4. Invest in some good running gear and whatever you do don't try new shoes or clothing on race day.
  5. Train with your friends, maybe you can even persuade them to run a half marathon with you!