Extreme heat can kill people sleeping rough

Living on London’s streets is dangerous all year round. But dehydration, heatstroke and severe sunburn are real threats to life during a heatwave. And London’s heat-related mortality rate is the highest in the UK.

If you have no home, there’s no escape - and you can’t neck a glass of water from the kitchen or stick your head under a cold shower.

No-one should have to live like this in 2022 and we want people to know about it.  

So we’ve installed evaporating street art around London to raise awareness and donations - if you spot one, please tag us and help us reach more people. 

What else is Single Homeless Project doing to help? 

We help one Londoner at risk of homelessness every hour. As our city heats up, we’re working even harder to help people off the streets and into a place they can call home.

We’re increasing our outreach shifts, patrols and welfare checks, giving out sunscreen and water, and directing people sleeping rough to cooler spaces.

What can you do to help?

We can all do our bit to help a fellow Londoner who might be struggling:

  • Stop and ask someone how they are - people experiencing homelessness often feel invisible
  • Offer to buy a bottle of water or sun cream
  • Help them find shade and give them your spare sun hat or umbrella
  • Connect them to local services through Streetlink

Remember - if you see anyone in immediate distress or danger, call 999 straight away.

You can also donate to help Londoners leave homelessness behind. To be seen, to be heard, and to find a place to call home. 

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