Employee fundraising is a great way to boost morale and build relationships between teams, all whilst having fun and raising vital funds for SHP.

Our Top Ten Office Fundraising Ideas

  1. Take on a sporting team challenge event! Nothing says employee bonding like agreeing to take on a huge inflatable 5k, or committing to lunch-time runs ahead of a half marathon. Check out our range of challenge events here – or come up with your own unique event.
  2. Office Bake Off Why not combine the fundraising classic of the bake sale with a bit of healthy office competition?  Also an excellent excuse to eat cake for lunch (it’s all in the name of a good cause!)
  3. Sweepstake From Eurovision to the World Cup or even this year’s series of Love Island, your colleagues draw a name from the hat before the event starts and whoever has the winner receives half the entry money– minimal effort for maximum impact!
  4. Baby Pictures Challenge You see your colleagues five days a week but do you think you could match them to their baby photos? Run a baby photo game in the office and sell tickets to enter. Whoever matches the most photos wins a prize.
  5. Raffle off a day off Nothing motivates people to act for a good cause quite like the promise of a day off work. Sell raffle tickets for the chance to win and watch your colleagues jump at the opportunity for an extra day of annual leave.
  6. Lunch and Learn Invite colleagues to bring their own lunch and sit in on an informative lunchtime talk. Ask everyone for a small donation to attend and invite interesting speakers from your network, from SHP or from within the office to talk about an issue close to their heart and stimulate your mind on your lunch break.
  7. Office talent show It’s amazing the number of hidden talents that exist in an office team, from playing an instrument to Irish or belly dancing or a poetry recital. Hold a Your Company's Got Talent event, charge for entry and hold a raffle on the night.  Great fun and excellent for team bonding!
  8. Pub Quiz Nothing helps bring co-workers together like a little bit of friendly competition at the pub. Charge an entry fee to participate, split into several teams, grab a drink, and find out who in your office has the best command of general knowledge!
  9. Sleep in Many of our clients dream of having their own home. Why not open up your offices for a ‘Night In’ with colleagues to raise money for SHP?
  10. Office Jargon Jar The lesser known cousin of the swear jar. Fed up of hearing ‘touch base’, ‘going forward’ ‘catch up’ and ‘on the same page’ several times a day? Choose the phrases that are continually overused across your office and the colleagues heard using those terms have to make a donation!


What got everyone to the top of the hill?  The entire office cheering us on and knowing this was in aid of a great charity

When law firm Sedgewick LLP got in touch, they wanted to raise money for a charity working on the front line to tackle homelessness in London. They rounded up a team of 15 lawyers, and trekked 50km over the Brecon Beacons in 15 hours - raising more than £5,000. 

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