Jeremy, Assistant Director

"One of the reasons I joined Single Homeless Project originally was because I felt the organisation’s distinctive values strongly mirrored my own.

"We’ve grown a lot over the years, but we’ve held on strongly to these and built a positive, open, innovative and receptive culture. My colleagues listen objectively and supportively and seek to break down barriers for each other and for our clients."

Joe, Service Manager

“The most rewarding part of my job is genuinely when I see one of the team get an outcome for one of their clients. We get people into work and training and, when I see one of my staff sharing successes from their caseload, it really motivates me that we are doing a good job and actually making a difference to the people that we are supporting.

"I recommend SHP to people I know looking for a route into the industry. I’ve been given lots of opportunities to try new things as my career has progressed. SHP attracts really knowledgeable people and I feel like we are at the forefront of what we do.”  

Meddie, Financial Accountant

"I want to be in the charity sector for a very long time, it's a humbling experience. I find our Chief Executive, Liz, particularly inspiring as she started at the charity in a support role. Managers all come up through the ranks, and I see myself telling the same story.

“I like working at SHP because staff are passionate about their work. When taking on a task they do so with a personal touch and really go the extra mile. Staff are supportive of each other - it’s like a big family.”


Cynthia, Project Worker

“SHP is a good charity to work for. My managers have always been supportive and encouraging and made me aim for more.”  

"I enjoy working with the clients. They say lots of funny things, and I learn about peer pressure and their experiences. I find it most rewarding when they take my advice. The challenges are maintaining boundaries, as when young people who have been in the care system often form attachments as soon as they have some stability." 

Finlay, Services Manager

“I think one of the things that makes SHP stand out is that the management are approachable and understand the work being done by frontline staff, not least because many of them started as support workers.”