One to One Support

Tailored key working support to help people identify their strengths and what skills they possess in order to set realistic goals

Recovery Skills
A relaxed group programme supporting people in different stages of their recovery to make positive changes to their lives. The sessions runs for 12 weeks focussing on relapse prevention, goal setting and wellbeing.

Fuchsia is an engaging structured programme which provides an opportunity for self-discovery. Fuchsia can help with raising your self-esteem, developing confidence, learning new skills and setting and achieving personal goals.

Go Your Own Way (GYOW)
A series of workshops designed to equip you with tools to achieve personal success.

Women’s Recovery Group
A weekly informal and fun space for anyone in recovery who identifies as a woman. It is a safe space to take part in discussions, focus on well-being and explore new interests.

Achieving Potential
Career planning and access to employment partners across London providing ring-fenced opportunities. Access to funding to support people to move forwards with their career goals.

I have learnt lots. I have learnt to be positive and say it to myself, picture it and then it will come true and enjoy coming out of my comfort zone, feel the fear and do it anyway”