While working with a housing-based research company Rosie met people who were living in temporary accommodation and suffering with many different housing issues. Interviewing so many of these people without being able to support them was frustrating so she found a role at SHP where she could do something to help; she joined the Lambeth Tenancy Support team in March this year.

“I was working for a research company that held contracts with a lot of councils. We conducted surveys about housing.

“I was team leading a group of field researchers on a particular project that involved talking to people who lived in high-rise blocks. I met so many people experiencing challenges who wanted and needed help from the council but didn’t know how to go about it or who felt they'd been continuously ignored. I realised that I wanted to be in a job that helped people like this. That’s when I decided to join SHP.”

Members of the Lambeth Tenancy Support have started co-locating - working from local housing offices as well as Bondway. 

“Up until September, we all worked out of our offices in Bondway. Then there was a proposed change to the way we worked – co-location. This meant that for part of the week, my colleagues and I would work from local housing offices in Brixton, Kennington and Streatham. 

“We take client referrals from Lambeth council housing and income officers. By working alongside them in their offices, it was thought that we would have quicker, easier and more direct communication with them. We also hoped to get referrals earlier in the process to avoid situations where the client had already been taken to court for rent arrears.

“At first we were worried that our proximity to housing and income officers would lead to issues with confidentiality but now that I have been working in the Brixton Civic Centre for a couple of months, I can say that I’ve had a positive experience. I value being close to the welfare support team and I now work more closely with the housing and income officers. Things get done more quickly. I also feel like I’m based more in the community now. I work in the Civic Centre in Brixton primarily with clients in this area so it’s easier for them to get to us.

“I like being able to support people practically when they're in a crisis and show them they're not alone. I’m glad I work in an organisation which shares my values. We empower clients by doing things with them not for them and I find that very rewarding.”