If you’ve got a problem or you’re feeling down, do you pick up the phone and call a friend?

For some of our clients, this isn’t an option. The people we work with are often socially excluded and may not have adequate support and social networks to help them overcome personal challenges or make positive changes in their lives.

Problematic personal relationships or feelings of isolation and loneliness can cause or exacerbate  mental health problems, substance misuse issues and offending behaviours and can act as a barrier to getting support.

The simple act of socialising can have a transformational effect, giving people the confidence to join in other activities within the community, start looking into education, training and employment opportunities and – most importantly – enjoy an improved quality of life and sense of wellbeing.

That’s why SHP provides a wide range of opportunities for clients to socialise, do new things, make new friends and engage more in their local communities within a flexible, safe and non-judgmental space and at their own pace.

In a recent SHP survey, almost 60 per cent of clients said that being able to socialise with other people using our services would help them overcome barriers, and 70 per cent said that taking part in group activities with others with similar experiences and challenges would make a difference.

We have dedicated social clubs across London offering a wide range of activities, from film nights to trips to the seaside.


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I thought that at worst it would get me out of the house, but it did more than that – it was a revelation

Trapped in an abusive and violent relationship, Bee turned to alcohol and struggled with depression. With encouragement from our services,  Bee rediscovered her passion for music and art, and also accessed therapy.


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