Shout Out! Christmas

It's time for another Shout Out, our new way of recognising and sharing the fantastic outcomes achieved by staff and clients across the organisation.

If you’d like to nominate someone for recognition in Shout Out, take a moment to fill in the nomination form here:

Dave Larvin

Dave, Service Manager at 10 North Birkbeck Road, was presented with the Metropolitan Police’s Commendation Award for Professionalism, Outstanding Teamwork and Bravery after risking his own life to save a suicidal 17–year old in a dramatic incident on a railway bridge in Leyton, North London, in May. 

Emma (not her real name), was living in SHP’s supported accommodation for young people in Waltham Forest when a fellow resident raised the alarm, warning that she had headed in the direction of Leyton station in a distressed state and was going to end her life by jumping off a bridge.

Dave followed her and found the young woman trying to scale the enclosed 60ft high bridge, which overlooks the A12 at Leyton Station.  Despite Dave’s efforts to restrain her, following a protracted struggle Emma managed to get free and climb onto a thin metal bar stretching across the domed roof of the bridge. Fearing she would attempt to jump onto the tracks or motorway below, Dave followed her up onto the bar and continued to restrain her until he was joined by three police officers, who called for further back up. 

Emma is now recovering and living in Essex where she goes to college. 

Dave was presented with the award by Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker after being nominated by an officer who had attended the scene. 

Det Ch Supt Tucker said: “David demonstrated amazing personal resilience and bravery dealing with this incident. He acted in a way that all decent and good citizens do. He made a difference and without a doubt saved this young woman’s life.”

Read the full story here.

Sarah Baptiste 

Sarah Baptiste, a Floating Support Worker in Newham’s Move On Support Service (MOSS) is relatively new to her role but is already being commended for the difference she has made.  

Team Manager Hadi Khanafer said:: Since Sarah started at the service she has shown a lot of fire and commitment in supporting her clients. For example, during her time working with a rough-sleeping couple she has managed to support them with obtaining their passport ID and National Insurance Number and get them linked in with immigration support services. She managed to get the couple off the streets and into a hotel by calling the hotel every day and persuading the manager to accept a payment method that is not normally accepted. Through her efforts she ensured the couple had a roof over their head during winter.  Sarah is a valuable member of the team and her efforts are very much appreciated by everybody.

Arundel Project

Trainee Project worker Wiktoria Zieniuk works at Arundel Project and has been so impressed by the teamwork of her colleagues that she nominated her whole team. 

“This is an amazingly harmonious and balanced team with great management,” she said.  

“There is a high degree of support, strong team work, team decision making, reflection and discussions, and the opportunity for new staff to learn and gain crucial experience."

The 22-bed hostel provides accommodation and on-site support for people with a primary diagnosis of mental ill health, who may also have needs relating to substance misuse. Many have spent a considerable amount of time in hospital or had multiple admissions either voluntarily or under the Mental Health Act.  

Wiktoria said:
The team has responded well to recent staff and client turnover,  and was able to promptly assess large numbers of clients and fill void rooms which arose in a short space of time. The team has been finding new ways to develop and work together better while building on personal characteristics and strengths.

Kinau Glasgow

Kinau was nominated by Amanda Welsh for her tireless work on the development of the Future Focus employability programme.

Amanda said: “We have a bustling ETE Workshop with guests and providers coming in to promote their services. We provide 1-1 careers advice and support clients to create a Careers Action plan. Clients come in to look for work and training and Kianu has gone above and beyond to get this off the ground. She has been a true legend and is getting Camden, Islington and Haringey clients into work!”

Kean St

Housing Services officer Toyin Ojo nominated Westminster Mental Health Accommodation services for the progress they have made in improving rent collection.  

 “When SHP took over the management of Kean Street in May 2019 there were several challenges including revision of rental income, but the team headed by Innocent were resilient and ensured that everything was handled with grace. Some tenants are currently in credit with their service charges and the staff team are keen to work with the rent and income team to ensure arrears are under control.”