Shout Out! November 2019

Welcome to Shout Out, a new way of recognising and sharing the fantastic outcomes achieved by staff and clients across the organisation.

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ILM Level 3 Higher Development Award

5 SHP staff members - Monique Harper, Keziah Hughes, Thai O’Reilly-Cocker, Debbie Rasaki and Joe Atiase - have completed their ILM Level 3 Higher Development Award, receiving their certifications, (along with high praise from the organisation that ran the course) last month.

The course ran over six months and required assignments to be completed, along with a service improvement project within their teams. They have all planned out and implemented or are soon to implement a change in the something within their teams and Keziah, Debbie and Monique gave a presentation on the work they had done to the whole HDA group and their managers at the certification ceremony, which was excellent and showcased the work SHP does across London.

Debbie Rasaki, Floating ETE coordinator

Debbie’s role involves constant travel across London supporting clients across seven boroughs, from Wandsworth to Redbridge. Over the past six months she’s managed some impressive outcomes - the clients she supports have achieved 10 job offers and completed 30 education and training courses.

Joe Mitchell, Head of Employment initiatives, said: “Debbie has shown so many great qualities to achieve what she has in the last six months. She is a multitasking wizard! She plans meticulously and has a great can-do attitude. She has an empathetic approach to both clients and colleagues. Lastly, she stays calm under pressure regardless of what her role throws at her!”

Selina Patel, Redbridge Generic Floating Support

Selina has only been in her role since July but has already made a big impact. In her first three just months she managed to house a long-term rough sleeper. She built a strong relationship with the client and the landlord who provided the accommodation, who was so impressed with Selina’s professionalism that he has offered up further properties.

Antonia Olaniyi, Redbridge Generic Floating Support Team Manager, said:
“Selina has displayed real professionalism. She’s a master of communication and has shown great initiative. Her dedication to the client saw her attending flat viewings and job centre appointments, and she even negotiated a lower incentive with the landlord. She’s worked really hard and seen a really great result.”

Pan London Offender Service (PLOS)

In their first year of service delivery, the PLOS staff have achieved 785 positive outcomes for their clients, while 70% of the clients they have engaged have been supported to secure or maintain a tenancy. Although they work with a complex client group and run services stretched across London, they are at the forefront of tackling homelessness in the capital.

Michael Corbishley, Head of Housing Initiatives, said:
“The team have really demonstrated fulfilment of SHP’s mission to prevent homelessness. Through their hard work, determination, resilience and passion they have managed to achieve brilliant results and make a real difference to the lives of our clients.”

Kaysar Miah, 9 St Pancras Way

SHP client Kaysar formed a seven-year alcohol dependency after the death of his father in 2012. In July, he became unwell and used this as motivation to stop drinking. He has now been sober for three months. Since he gave up alcohol, Kaysar has transformed his life and is working hard to maintain his sobriety. He attends AA sessions and has engaged with the Integrated Camden Alcohol Service. He has started cooking, attending art sessions and has also started to rebuild his relationship with his family. They visit him regularly now.

Kaysar said of his recovery:
“I feel a lot better. I can eat and enjoy my food where before, when I was drinking, I could hardly eat. I go to courses at the recovery college and my meetings. I’m booked onto a Level two cooking health and safety course soon. I hope to work as a chef someday.”

Sarah Chrystal, Recovery Coordinator, said:
“We’ve seen an epic turn around in Kaysar. He’s the perfect example of how when somebody finds the motivation and makes use of the services on offer, they can really take back control from their addiction. They can get their lives and their relationships back. It’s been a pleasure to watch his progress – he’s worked very hard and it’s paid off.”

Rosemary May and Jassen Summogum, King George’s Hostel

Rosemary and Jassen have worked hard on reducing arrears, contributing to the arrears reduction strategy and individually increasing the number of clients with service charge in credit.
Rosemary has worked specifically with clients who have historically struggled with large arrears using direct deductions. Her hard work has brought housing benefits?? to an all-time low.
Meanwhile Jassen managed to place a client who has historically been hard to engage with, on direct deductions to bring down his rent arrears. Half of his key clients now have their service charge in credit.

Toyin Ojo, Housing Services Officer, said:
“The team spirit at King George’s Hostel has been brilliant and they have all really worked to bring arrears down. Rosemary and Jassen have made a particular effort in this area and seen some great results in the process. They are extremely committed.”