Sam was 18 when he came to live in one of our hostels for young people in Greenwich after ageing out of the foster care system. Making this transition in the middle of the pandemic hasn’t stopped him from preparing himself for his future. 

“Coming to Creekside has given me the chance to become more independent and think more seriously about my what I want to do with my life. I’ve had the chance to take steps towards fulfilling my dream career working with trains which I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. I’ve even started learning to cook!” 

Since joining Creekside, Sam has started an apprenticeship with Network Rail and has been offered a place at the University of Brighton to study electrical engineering which he has deferred. 

“I wasn’t really sure how the university application process worked. I definitely didn’t know much about writing a personal statement! Staff at Creekside helped me get to grips with the process and I’m really proud that I got a university place.  

“I also applied for an apprenticeship with Network Rail which I got and I’m doing now. I’ve deferred my university offer for now while I learn the ropes with Network Rail. It’s great to know I have my foot in the door.” 

Alongside his apprenticeship, Sam has taken full advantage of the daily exercise allowance during lockdown by making sure he gets out and about on his skateboard. 

“I’ve been skateboarding for about two years now and learning a few tricks like kick flips. I used to do BMXing at skate parks so I was used to the scene, but skateboarding can be done anywhere - one of my favourite places to go is around Cutty Sark! It’s great to be able to get some exercise and fresh air when you’ve been cooped up inside, especially now that I’m doing the assessments as part of my apprenticeship.” 

Now that Sam is settled at Creekside and gaining independence, he is looking forward to the future. 

“I’m hoping that in a year or so, I’ll be in a position to move into my own place. Now that I’m becoming more independent, it definitely feels achievable. I’m really excited about my future!”