We’ve got some exciting news to share. Project Kali is Single Homeless Project’s tailored service for women leaving prison and it has just won ‘Homelessness Project of the Year’ in the UK Housing Awards 2021.

Women with complex needs leaving prison have faced huge challenges in life and traditional housing models just don’t work. We have seen time and time again, that when systems aren’t designed in the right way, women become trapped in a cycle of homelessness and re-offending. But homelessness doesn’t define you. It’s an experience, not a forever. And with the right support, it can be ended. 

Our specialist Project Kali team offers intensive, wrap-around help designed to give our clients the best chance of living independently and sustaining tenancies. We know that many of our clients have faced great trauma in their lives. We also recognise that women’s paths to and experiences of homelessness are often different to those of their male counterparts. Understanding this and viewing our client’s needs in a holistic way is crucial and at the core of the support that we offer. By taking this approach, we can quickly intervene in difficult situations and prevent the types of crisis that can lead to re-offending.

Our results are outstanding. 93% of our clients have reduced their offending and almost half have stopped completely. Every single one of our 15 clients has successfully maintain their tenancies.

When you provide the right support, in the right way, you can break the cycle of homelessness and lives can be turned around. Project Kali is a shining example of this and we’re thrilled that this has been recognised at the UK Housing Awards.