The largest scale study into women’s homelessness in England conducted by our Fulfilling Lives in Camden (FLIC) project and the University of York has won a Homeless Link Excellence Award 2022.

The report won the Stronger Voice award, which recognises powerful voices using their knowledge, experience, or passion to highlight issues of homelessness. The judging panel felt we had really ‘shone a light’ on women’s homelessness and had already achieved national impact as a result. 

The report, Women's Homelessness in Camden: Improving Data, Strategy, and Outcomes, explored the scale of women's homelessness in the borough of Camden and the distinct issues and risks women face when they experience different forms of homelessness. 

Lucy Campbell, Head of Multiple Disadvantage at Single Homeless Project, said:

We’re so proud to have won this Homeless Link award. We hope that this helps to raise awareness of the fact that women experience homelessness in much greater numbers than has previously been recognised and have almost always been subjected to violence and abuse. The way that homelessness is quantified and responded to needs to change in recognition of the fact that women’s homelessness looks different from men’s but is just as prevalent and the risks women face are even higher. 

Key findings and recommendations in the report 

  • Women are just as likely to be pushed into homelessness as men but are less visible.
  • Domestic abuse and other forms of gender-based violence are near-universal experiences for women who experience homelessness. Women on the streets are particularly vulnerable to violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Women will, therefore, often stay hidden from view, sleeping on the streets away from city centres or 'hidden homeless', sleeping on sofas or trapped in relationships where they experience domestic violence. 

"Walking around all night, going on buses, sleeping in hospitals... sleeping in woods on my own." - FLIC client.

  • The scale of women's homelessness and their unique needs has traditionally been overlooked within homelessness funding and provision. Thousands of women have been failed by the system, not given the support they desperately need and pushed into a state of survival.
  • Fundamental changes needed to ensure women experiencing homeless get the support they deserve include: better coordination between homelessness and domestic abuse services, better data collection to evidence numbers and need, and integrated women's homelessness strategies at a local, organisational and national level.

Find the complete set of recommendations and findings, alongside insights of lived experience and data on women's homelessness, in the report here. 

The research, which included input from women with lived experience, was written by Dr Joanne Bretherton and Professor Nicholas Pleace from the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York and supported by the London Borough of Camden. 

Our work with women 

At Single Homeless Project, we have been working with women experiencing homelessness for many years and we know that women need services designed just for them. Over the last year, we've been putting this into action by expanding our women-only services, including three new services in North London. Our women-only Housing First Service Project Kali was nationally recognised at the UK Housing Awards last year.

We believe every woman deserves to be treated with dignity, to be seen and heard and to feel safe from harm.

Find out more about our work with women.