Two pieces of artwork produced by SHP clients are currently on a tour of some of the world’s most major cities after they were included in an international art exhibition This is Where I Live.

The exhibition - organised by Cafe Art - is an annual exchange of artwork created by marginalised and homeless people from various world cities.

Six clients from our Islington art group worked on the pieces over a two week period, using print and collage techniques to make an eerie depiction of the London skyline.

“The clients were inspired to create an artwork that represented London in a certain way and asked questions about the city, about how it’s always evolving,” says Marie, the art tutor who led the sessions.

“At the moment, with all these tower blocks going up, it feels like London is a gigantic building site."

"That why we decided to leave out any of London’s iconic landmarks. We wanted the piece to look at London's changing identity and ask what's going on? Who are these new high-rise buildings for? Why isn’t the housing crisis being tackled more effectively?"

The art piece also has a slightly dusty atmosphere, commenting on the pollution levels in all cities worldwide and how this needs to be tackled to help protect the health of future generations

SHP’s art piece is currently being exhibited in Berlin before moving on to some of the other cities.

The This is where I live project began in 2013 between London and New York, but has added a new partner every year and now includes Auckland, Mumbai, Melbourne and Berlin.

With homelessness being an international issue, the project aims to draw focus on the issue in a creative way. It also gives the artists a chance to express themselves, grow their skills and confidence through art as well as showcase their talents and stories.

For more information about the exhibition and where you can see all the pieces, click here.

A big thank you to the Mary Ward Centre for funding our art tutor for these sessions, and to Cafe Art for including our clients’ piece in the exhibition.