Scott, a client of Single Homeless Project, has featured in a new podcast series, Breaking The Cycle 

Released today to mark World Podcast Day, Scott talks openly about his childhood, becoming a carer at just 14 years old for his father who had dementia, and the lasting impact this had on his life. 

Scott also speaks candidly about trauma, mental health,  the importance of support networks and the help he received from Rio at Single Homeless Project. 

Breaking The Cycle, produced by Michael Coates, aims to highlight the challenges, achievements and pressures experienced by residents of social housing. 

You might recognise Scott from our Christmas campaign last year talking about how he helped others during the lockdown. Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength. 

I also hope that maybe others who are in my situation will hear it and know that things can get better with the right support. 

Speaking about appearing on the podcast, Scott said: "I was really nervous, but I wanted others to understand what it was like to have a weight on your shoulders from a young age and what that can do to you. I also hope that maybe others who are in my situation will hear it and know that things can get better with the right support.”  

“If I help just one person, I'll be so happy." 
Homelessness Prevention 

After falling into debt and facing eviction, Scott began working with our Lambeth community service in late 2019.  

During the podcast, Scott spoke about being supported by Single Homeless Project and how we stopped him from being evicted and pushed into homelessness. He credited the essential role Rio, his Support Worker, played in helping him put his life back together. 

“When you get in debt and there's nowhere to turn to, all sorts of things go through your head. I was in thousands of pounds of arrears and facing eviction, but it's all cleared now.” 

“When I spoke to them, it fell on deaf ears but as soon as Rio spoke the to right people, they'd sit up and listen. I suddenly felt safe and secure.” 

Scott has previously spoken about how Rio was ensured he didn’t become isolated during the pandemic.

“It sounds so simple, but just getting a call from herto check on me was all I needed. Knowing that there’s someone out there who caresmakes all the difference.” 

Like all our staff, Rio went above and beyond over lockdowns, checking in with all her clients every week, setting up online groups and arranging food deliveries for those considered most vulnerable. 

Her dedication and tireless work were recently recognised, awarded runner-up in the Scottish Power Foundation Community Champion award. 

Last year, we supported over 7,000 Londoners just like Scott to stay in their own homes and live independently. 

Listen to the podcast in full here and read Scott’s story. 

Rio is just one of our amazing Support Workers, going the extra mile every day to help Londoners on the brink from being pushed into homelessness. Find out more about homelessness prevention work