A further 200 formerly homeless and vulnerable people will be supported to achieve their employment and training goals thanks to an extension of SHP’s Achieving Potential programme. 

The first phase of the programme, funded by corporate partner PMM Group, ran from October 2018 to December 2019, providing ETE sessions, a job brokering service, micro-grants for additional qualifications and clothes and preparation for interviews. It saw huge successwith over 160 clients reaching their Education, Training and Employment goals. 

PMM Group’s partnership with SHP has now been extended until September 2021bringing with it £50,000 in funding which will allow the programme to continue for a further year from October 2020  A further 200 people will be supported through extension of the Achieving Potential Programme, employability support for rough sleepers referred to shelters and SHP’s Employment Academy, a four-week intensive course for clients. 

Janet, (name changed), received employment support as part of the scheme. When she came to SHP she had just fled from a dangerous domestic situation and her confidence was at an all time low. 

She began to engage with different programmes that SHP offered and particularly enjoyed the one-to-one support she received from an employment co-ordinator. Keen to get back into work, Janet was enrolled onto The Employment Academy in February 2020, which improved her confidence further. Janet gained qualifications in First Aid, Communication and Assertiveness, Customer Service and Level 1 computing. 

Due to the pandemic, Janet has had to put on hold her search for care-work. In April, however, Janet was successful in gaining employment at her local supermarket and has now begun volunteering as an NHS volunteer. 

Janet says: “I didn’t think I’d ever work again. This has all really helped me believe I can achieve my goals and I do have strength inside me. 

Richard Collins, Chief Operating Officer at PMM commented:

“SHP provides incredible support to communities across London and we look forward to continuing our close partnership with them. Our first donation helped many people into employment, education and training, and we are delighted to continue to support SHP as it develops innovative ways to support vulnerable people through the Achieving Potential Programme. The PMM team is committed to doing our part in preventing homelessness and we are proud to work with SHP to support this.”

Agata Elliott, Head of Fundraising at SHP says:

“The funding from PMM Group will give our clients access to truly valuable employment training. Gaining employment empowers clients and gives them a means to break the cycle of homelessness. We are delighted to be continuing the partnership.”