The Royal Parks Half Marathon is one of the most prestigious events in the running calendar. The stunning central London half marathon, takes in the capital's world-famous landmarks on closed roads, and four of London's eight Royal Parks - Hyde Park, The Green Park, St James's Park and Kensington Gardens.

Ahead of the big day, we spoke to a few of our runners to find out why they're taking on the challenge. 



'I currently volunteer for Single Homeless Project as a peer mentor. It's my role to support someone through their recovery journey - and the reason I do it is because I've been in that dark place before, and I want to help someone as SHP helped me. 

'SHP do a brilliant job of tackling homelessness, drug and alcohol dependency and lots more. I believe that fighting this epidemic should start from the grassroots - which is why the peer mentor role is so important. We take people to rehab, share our experiences with them and keep them positive when things are looking down. 

'London is facing a real problem, and it takes real people to fight it.' 


Support Liam




'I’ve run for a little over ten years now. What am I running from? Or towards? Running is a wonderful way to improve both your physical and mental health.  This was the first half marathon I took part in and still my favourite. It’s the most incredible route and at this time of the year the colours are magnificent.

'And most importantly, why run for SHP? What better cause to raise money for at a time when homelessness is seeing exponential increases and winter is about to draw in? I work for SHP so see first hand the brilliant impact the charity has on the lives of our clients. What’s more my brother is also running it. So I get to indulge in a little sibling rivalry. Win, win, win!'


Support Mark



'I'm set to run the Dublin Marathon for a third time at the end of October. I've never broken four hours for a full marathon, and I need to this year. The running community just brings out something in people, and it's great to be a part of it.

'The cheers of crowds, the camaraderie from fellow runners. I've never ran a race in London, but I've watched the Marathon and the atmosphere is top notch.

'And as for the Royal Parks route? Yes please.'


Support Chris 




'This will be my third half marathon and my second of 2018, and I’m really hyped to be running around my home city. Unfortunately I have scheduled a Tough Mudder for the day before the Royal Parks Half Marathon so I may need to be carried across the line!

'If you see me, please do give me a cheer as crowd support genuinely does have an amazing effect.

'SHP do great work with homeless Londoners, so I'm pleased to be taking on this challenge for such a good cause. Good luck to all the other SHP runners!'


Support Joe


Mark and Xenia

'We're running the Royal Parks Half marathon to raise vital funds for Single Homeless Project, who work to prevent homelessness and transform lives. A worthwhile and necessary cause.' 

'Training is going well, but I had to do my last big run on the treadmill which I have to say want as much fun as out on the road, but got to 12.5 miles! The day is nearly upon us, so lets hope we get across the finishing line...'


Support Mark and Xenia