Fulfilling Lives in Islington and Camden

Fulfilling Lives in Islington & Camden (FLIC) is an eight-year Lottery funded learning programme closing in May 2022, designed to support people experiencing multiple disadvantage and affect system change to improve the experience and outcomes for people accessing services.

Too often the voices of people experiencing multiple disadvantage aren't heard. Putting clients at the centre of everything we do is key to our work. Our support service is intensive, trauma-informed and led by the experiences and insights of our clients.

We work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies across both boroughs to improve services for people with multiple needs and drive systemic change, influencing how services are designed and delivered.

The voices of people facing multiple disadvantage will be the basis for two unique theatre performances in Islington and Camden next month to mark the UK’s first ever national Multiple Disadvantage Day.

The performed piece – commissioned by SHP’s Fulfilling Lives Islington & Camden (FLIC) service in partnership with the Human Rights theatre company Ice & Fire - is based on the lives of people that the FLIC service has worked with over the past four years. Using the clients’ own words, it will tell the story of their lived experience of multiple disadvantage, highlighting their struggles and achievements, and asking us to see the world, perhaps for the first time, through their eyes.

People who encounter multiple disadvantages are those experiencing several overlapping problems simultaneously such as mental ill-health, homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, offending, domestic abuse/violence and family breakdown.

The performances are part of the National Lottery Community Fund’s launch of the first ever Multiple Disadvantage Day on 3rd July 2019 and their #seethefullpicture campaign. The day and campaign are both working to increase awareness and understanding of multiple social disadvantage; as well as the challenges, issues and stigma faced by people who encounter them.

The performances are just one of the ways that the FLIC service is seeking to promote the voices of people who use support services in Camden and Islington, thus ensuring that their experiences are taken into account by those who design, commission and deliver these services.

The FLIC service is working alongside the 11 other Fulfilling Lives projects across England to mark the day, with a series of coordinated events across the country, shining a light on the true stories of the people they work with.

To find out more about Multiple Disadvantage day, go to www.multipledisadvantageday.org

The two performances are:
Tuesday 2nd July: Islington Town Hall, Committee Room 4, 1.15pm-2.30pm
Wednesday 3rd July: St Pancras Hospital, Conference Hall, 1.15pm–2.30pm

Want to come along? Check out the event here.