Peer Mentors - volunteers who have overcome substance use and/or mental health issues, and now use their experiences of recovery to support others to make positive changes in their lives - are an integral part of SHP.

During last month’s Discover Recovery event, we spoke to a few of them about what recovery, peer mentoring and SHP means to them.


“What does recovery mean to me? It’s just amazing!

“I couldn’t imagine I’d ever get to where I am now. I don’t know where I would be without SHP really.

“They really do push you to do as much as possible. Their courses which have been so great and useful!

“I love being a peer mentor. Mentoring is good for the community and Camden really go out of their way to support recovery.”


At the last Discover Recovery, I was just a client who attended. Two years later and now I’m here as a peer mentor representing recovery – it’s is crazy to imagine.

“Recovery to me is so exciting! It’s like waking up from a dream and finding yourself again. It’s like remembering what food you like, because when you’re an addict you don’t care about food or anything else to be honest.

“When I came out of rehab, SHP picked me up and got me doing activities to help me including courses. It’s given me strength and before I knew it I was a peer mentor.

“I want to use my experience to get into counselling because when have been through it you know what you are talking about”

“I am so happy now. I just love life.”


“Recovery has been like discovering myself – that’s why for me, the word recovery means living. Now I’m in recovery, it feels like I’m living again.

“It also led me to peer mentoring. I think of Peer mentoring is a way of saying thank you and giving back for all the support I have received.”


“Recovery is all about coming out and uncovering yourself. Exposing yourself to the world. When you are using, you wrap yourself in the world of substance use. We cover ourselves with what we think are safe security blankets.

“Since seeking out iCAS and SHP, my life has been very different.

“I began to speak and engage with other people and, more importantly, see myself once again. I found I could enjoy this, feel useful and be a functioning human being again. I began to uncover myself and look at my fears and phobias that led me to want to hide.

“So, uncover - let yourself and others in - it is worth it, believe me.”


“I was in addiction for such a long time. I started drinking from my early teens to cope, and so, I never got a chance to grow. But being involved with SHP has been like growing from a toddler into an adult.

“Supporting others helps with my own journey because seeing their struggle reminds me of where I came from and it gives me belief to keep me sober. I’ve been sober for over two years.

“Peer mentoring has opened up my world. I’m a lot more confident and outgoing, I believe in myself and have a future to look forward to. The world’s not such a scary place… And now I’m off to college!”

Find out more about  peer mentors at SHP.

If you’re interested in peer mentoring yourself, find out more here or get in touch with Rosie Holliday at [email protected]