Two of SHP’s Housing Advice Workers (HAWk) have been commended for their outstanding work by the National Probation Service, winning a Local Reward and Recognition Award.

Nicky Cooper (pictured) and Terri Laing, who are both based at SHP’s Multi-Borough Support Service in East London, were nominated for their award by SHP’s local partners. 

Funded by and co-located within the National Probation Service, SHP’s HAWks work with ex-offenders across 19 London boroughs. The workers provide a range of support including housing and
benefit advice, work to reduce re-offending and assisting clients to gain access to housing and live independently.

Nicky, who works in Lambeth and Wandsworth, was nominated for her energy and tenacity and was described as a “shining star” by the local National Probation Head of Service.

She was particularly praised for her work with supporting clients who had previously failed to engage with services, remaining committed to them and ensuring they received all the support necessary in order to be housed successfully.

Nicky said: "Working in the Probation Service and receiving this recognition award has been a wonderful surprise to me! I am very pleased and overwhelmed I have been acknowledged for the work I do in Lambeth and Wandsworth National Probation Service."

Speaking about one particular client, Nicky’s nominator said:  “Had Nicky not gone the extra mile, then I have no doubt that this person would still be trapped in their previous cycle of homelessness and alcohol mis-use.” The client is now stable and has sustained his housing placement for several months.

Terri, who works across Bexley and more recently Greenwich, was nominated for her knowledge of housing issues as well as her skills and relationship-building with clients, making sure they stay focused on their housing needs.

Her nominator noted that, despite London’s housing crisis, Terri was able to “deliver a service that does not deflate clients and successfully assists many to find suitable accommodation.”